Bromley Plumber

Plumber in Bromley & Croydon covering the surrounding areas.

If your looking for a plumber in bromley to do the smallest of plumbing jobs look no further. Tony Deary your local plumber in bromley can handle any small or large plumbing job. Some of the plumbing jobs he can undertake are as follows. Toilet inner, leaking toilets, Toilet will not flush, Toilet overflow pipe, Toilet installation. Electric shower repairs, Power shower repairs, Digital shower repairs, Installation of all showers and shower pumps. Kitchen taps repaired and installed. Bathroom taps installed and repaired. Cloakroom taps installed and repaired. Saniflo repairs and installations. Make Tony Deary your Local plumber. Tony can design refurbish and replace your old bathroom. or even remove your bath and install a clean fresh shower area.

Shower repairs 

There are 4 different types of popular  showers. 1) Electric shower 2) Power showers 3) Mixer showers  4) digital showers. which are either gravity or pumped all will need plumbing in.

Electric Shower

Electric showers are economical to run and save you water. you only heat the water as and when you need it. You won’t require a water tank with an electric shower as the water is heated within the unit. Electric showers are ideal for families or households where there is a large demand for hot water at one time.

Power showers
Power showers work in the same way as mixer showers in that they combine water from the cold and hot supplies. The difference is that power showers have a built in pump. This strengthens the water flow. which is great if your home has low water pressure and also offers you greater control over the temperature and pressure than a normal mixer shower. Power showers are designed to work with gravity fed or low pressure water systems instantly boosting the flow and resulting in a more invigorating shower.

Mixer showers

Mixer showers combine the hot and cold water supplies. meaning you need a combination boiler or immersion heater to provide ready heated water. They generally produce a stronger flow than electric showers. You can also get bath and shower mixers. where the temperature and flow are controlled by adjusting the bath taps. While some mixer showers will work with any system, others are designed either for a high pressure water system or a low pressure system. If your home does have low water pressure you could also consider buying a separate pump to increase the flow.

Digital showers

They are the latest innovation in shower design and technology. The water in a digital shower comes from a small processor box. which mixes hot and cold water to the desired temperature thermostatically. meaning no nasty temperature spikes when someone switches the cold tap on in the kitchen. The processor box can be hidden out of sight rather than being stored in the shower enclosure itself. With the water flowing to the shower head via the riser rail, the wall or the ceiling. This also means you don’t have to drill through existing tiles. 

All Plumbing Work in bromley and surrounding areas £89.00 per hour.   Saniflo / Macerator repairs £125.00 first half hour then £89.00 per hour.