Waste Disposal Unit Repair

waste disposal repair
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Waste Disposal Unit repair and Installation Service in Bromley Kent

What is a Waste Disposal Unit ?

A Waste Disposal Unit is an electrical device which fits into a kitchen sink. It is used to dispose of your waste food, run the water and switch on at the wall or by the means of a magnetic plug pushing your waste food inside the waste disposal unit will chop up your waste food and flush it down the drain (No More Smelling Bins).

  • Types of waste disposal units
  • Continuous Feed. Has a switch on the wall to start.
  • Batch Feed. Has a magnetic plug you turn to start.
  • Air Switch. Has a push button in the worktop or sink to start.

Brands of Waste Disposal Units we repair and Install are:



In SinkErator


Waste King

Our Prices:

Call out and fixed First hour labour £99. Then £99 per hour. All parts are chargeable.

Most common faults:

Unit leaking

Unit Humming

Unit Jammed

Foul Smell

Full of Water